Christian Science, Nursing & Medicare

“By Faith Alone” 60 Minutes

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One thought on “Christian Science, Nursing & Medicare

  1. k says:

    I for one am glad that Medicare covers CS Nursing facilities… for very selfish reasons. I actually didn’t know that until recently, and I’ve spent a long time stressing about how I’m going to pay for my parents’ care, since that is the only option they would accept… and also angry that after all the ways CS has ruined my life, I’d also have to deal with financial loss due to CS Nursing facilities down the road. I’m glad that at least for now that’s one less thing I’m going to have to worry about. Normally I’m totally against using taxpayer money for religious institutions, like for school vouchers/FAFSA loans to religious schools, etc., but those are often things forced upon kids/young adults by their parents; in this case, by that age most patients are making that decision on their own (they certainly will be in my case), so why not let them choose to use the money they put in from taxes how they want? Yes, I would much rather have my parents go to a medical facility, but that is just not realistic, and the way religious freedom works in this country, even though CS Nursing facilities could not be coved by Medicare in the future, they could never be shut down or regulated, so our parents will be going whether we like it or not.

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