Christian Science & Government Lobbying

There is so much more on this topic, this is just a starting point for further research and reading. I will update this page periodically as time, information and inspiration allow.

The Christian Science Church and the Seventh-day Adventist Church were among the first religious traditions to establish permanent advocacy offices in Washington. The Christian Scientists established their office around 1900. (1)

Christian Science Lobbying

Recent Congressional Lobbying about the Affordable Healthcare Act / Lobbying Congress to include prayer/faith healing provisions in health care coverage

Christian Scientists in Politics

Christian Science & Government Exemptions

More Information about Religious Lobbying in Washington D.C.

The Committee on Publication

The mission of the Committee on Publication is to engage with members of the media, lawmakers, and the public to provide an accurate understanding of Christian Science. (via resources for churches)

Christian Science Committee on Publication by State (this list is not yet complete)

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