Children, Care & Christian Science

Children’s Rights & Religion

Groups working to make change

Child Friendly Faith

The Child-Friendly Faith Project is a national, nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to end child abuse and neglect that is enabled by certain ideologies and a lack of understanding of child development. We carry out our mission by educating the public about the impact that religious, spiritual, and cultural beliefs and practices have on children.

The CFFP exposes child abuse and neglect that takes place in faith communities and supports faith communities’ efforts to nurture children and keep them safe. We do not promote or criticize any particular belief system. Rather, we examine the positive and negative ways that belief systems and religious and cultural practices affect children’s lives. via

Children’s Healthcare is a Legal Duty

The mission of Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty is to end child abuse or neglect related to religion, cultural practices, or quackery through public education, research, legal action, and a limited amount of lobbying. via


On YouTube:

Dr. Rita Swan at the Child Friendly Faith Project Conference 2013


Sean Faircloth Discusses Children Harmed by “Faith-healing” with Liz Heywood



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