Ellen & Christian Science

I like that Ellen DeGeneres has been very open about her Christian Science past. Christian Science was mentioned in a June 2002 interview with CBS, and it got a passing mention in her Nov. 2005 People interview. Ellen’s Christian Science upbringing is mentioned on her wikipedia page.

Ellen’s mother, Betty, is equally open about Christian Science and it’s role in the termination of her first marriage. A December 1999 article in USAToday discussing Betty DeGeneresmemoir mentions the role Christian Science played in Betty’s divorce:

[Betty DeGeneres] marriage to Elliott DeGeneres, father of Ellen, 41, and Vance, 44, was “almost completely sexless” and hampered by his devotion to Christian Science, which regards sex as a “material appetite,” she writes.

As a former Christian Scientist, I find it helpful that Ellen has been open about her Christian Science past. It makes me feel slightly less strange. If Ellen can announce to the world:

“I was raised very, very strictly with Christian Science. I didn’t have a shot or an aspirin or anything until I was 13 years old. We had to go to church, do testimonies every Wednesday night.”

Then maybe I can stand up and say I was raised a Christian Scientist too. I like Ellen’s perspective on God and religion as well:

I think all religion is based on what happens after this life. You live a certain way so that when you die, things can be good. But why can’t things be good now? Why can’t you understand that you’re in heaven now? That’s how I live. I believe in God. I think that God is everywhere. Every morning I look outside, and I say, “Hi, God.” Because I think that the trees are God. I think that our whole experience is God.”  via http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/450514-i-was-raised-very-very-strictly-with-christian-science-i

Our whole experience can be good now. I like that idea.