I’m tired of being told I’m brave.

I’m tired of being told I’m brave.I didn’t set out to be brave,I set out to find others.Others.Others whose mother’s had handed off the phoneTo the elderly woman who told me what I saw with my own eyes was a lie,What I felt in the swollen flesh was a falsehood.I was fine.I was more than … Continue reading I’m tired of being told I’m brave.

mindfulness (little “m”)

I have struggled with the concept of “mindful” for years. It usually comes with a lecture, or a demand disguised as a request often framed as a learning opportunity. It has been used to override boundaries, and bypass requests. The concept is often used in Christian Science to blame, shame, undermine, and side-step the actual … Continue reading mindfulness (little “m”)

When the “Normal” isn’t actually Normal At All

I've been unpacking some of the topics covered by the Get Wise webinar with Bob & Judy Pardon, and (heavily paraphrasing here) somewhere along the way they talked about how destructive systems*, like Christian Science, make the abnormal appear totally normal. This normal/abnormal issue pops up fairly regularly, I often find it triggering in the … Continue reading When the “Normal” isn’t actually Normal At All