Christian Science, Health Care & the Government

I feel strongly about the separation of Church and State. I enjoy having the freedom to practice whatever I'd like, and the freedom from being forced to practice any particular religion. It makes me uncomfortable when "conservatives" with "Christian" values start lobbying Congress for laws that line up with their (Old Testament) views on morality … Continue reading Christian Science, Health Care & the Government

my path away from CS

Growing up a Christian Scientist I often felt isolated from the rest of society. I didn't go to the doctor, or take medication. I went to church every Sunday, and often on Wednesdays as well. I wasn't "saved" or "born again" or even baptized. I hadn't "found Jesus" or taken Communion classes. I didn't go … Continue reading my path away from CS

striking a balance

I wrote this some time ago and there never seemed to be an appropriate time to share. I found there is/was an unhealthy focus and emphasis on "natural" childbirth within the CS movement. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with "natural" but "natural" is not inherently safer, nor should people be judged by the choices … Continue reading striking a balance

Where to Start

I remember the day I started to lose faith in Christian Science. It was a Sunday in January. After a week of bed rest, sincere prayer and study my midwife informed me my blood pressure was high enough we needed to go to the emergency room, now. Tearful and totally freaked out, I called my … Continue reading Where to Start