SOS: Lectures 5 & 6

This is one of a series of posts discussing Rudolf Steiner's Founding a Science of the Spirit: Fourteen Lectures Given in Stuttgart Between 22 August and 4 September 1906. Visit the tag Science of Spirit for all posts on this topic. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support of What better way to start of … Continue reading SOS: Lectures 5 & 6

Steadfast I stand in the world

Steadfast I stand in the world With certainty I tread the path of life Love I cherish in the core of my being Hope I carry into every deed Confidence I imprint upon my thinking These five lead me to my goal These five lead me to my existence Rudolph Steiner    Image via wikimedia - Edwin … Continue reading Steadfast I stand in the world

My Inner Quiet

A number of years ago, my father gave me a small pendent of an anchor. I wore it on a necklace, similar to the way Christians wear crosses. I never felt comfortable wearing a cross, none of them ever felt "right" and I never had a Christian Science "cross and crown" pendent, although for a … Continue reading My Inner Quiet