yesterday-self slacked off & that is OK

I recently* shared an article on my social media about “revenge bedtime procrastination”** and asked what it was called when you gave up and crawled into bed at 9pm and read a book and fell asleep by 9:30. A friend commented that she started thanking her “yesterday self” for the work she had done the … Continue reading yesterday-self slacked off & that is OK

mindfulness (little “m”)

I have struggled with the concept of “mindful” for years. It usually comes with a lecture, or a demand disguised as a request often framed as a learning opportunity. It has been used to override boundaries, and bypass requests. The concept is often used in Christian Science to blame, shame, undermine, and side-step the actual … Continue reading mindfulness (little “m”)

When the “Normal” isn’t actually Normal At All

I've been unpacking some of the topics covered by the Get Wise webinar with Bob & Judy Pardon, and (heavily paraphrasing here) somewhere along the way they talked about how destructive systems*, like Christian Science, make the abnormal appear totally normal. This normal/abnormal issue pops up fairly regularly, I often find it triggering in the … Continue reading When the “Normal” isn’t actually Normal At All