Carl Sagan & Christian Science

Someone shared above quote in a facebook group, and someone else pointed out that it is misattributed to Carl Sagan, but I like it anyway. Ms. Eddy often went off at length about The Truth, and her vision of Truth was Absolute. I find prefer Sagan's views on the truth. "The truth may be puzzling. … Continue reading Carl Sagan & Christian Science

What I’ve been reading: belive what you want

Why do believers want atheists to lie? via Just Trust the Lord via Everything's New The Necessity of Atheism by Percy Shelley via Jericho Brisance YouTube Playlists via fairly certain the image is via

A Loving Summation of Atheism to a Worried Christian Mother

What an amazing answer. I’m going to have to keep it around for when I (finally) tell my mother I’m an atheist.

unpacked thoughts

Yesterday, an old friend sent me a message on facebook to a pretty extraordinary page on reddit. The page, which can be found here, is a Christian mother asking for help on how to react to and treat her son which just announced his atheism to her.

I applaud such a parent that reaches out for help in the way she did. She may also have sought out or is currently seeking help from a pastor or other church leaders, but she deliberately went to the atheism thread on reddit and asked for help. Wow. Way to go, mom! What better people to ask about how to deal with this than other atheists that have more than likely gone through very similar situations themselves?

There was one response which blew me away. So far, it’s one of the most articulate, non-threatening, loving and diplomatic responses to a question like…

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