Error is trying to split Principia

The following is the December 2009 Letter from the Editor from The Voice, Principia's Upper School Student Publication. Readers will remember that until the 2009 change in the Free Speech Policy at the College, questioning and discussing the homosexual policy was considered to be "homosexual activity" (and grounds for dismissal). The editor in question implores … Continue reading Error is trying to split Principia


Principia’s 2009 “Free Speech” Policy

Unless you are living on campus and have access to the campus-only website much of the information about Principia's policies is not easily available. Their website is full of feel-good "we're all Christian Scientists isn't it all great" propaganda, which carefully hiding/downplaying things like their "Free Speech Policy" and "sexual relations policies" (really, what business … Continue reading Principia’s 2009 “Free Speech” Policy

Chronicle of a Gay Rights Activist – via the Pilot

This article pops up and vanishes again so I thought I would post it in full here. The original link shared under CS Resources now returns a 404-not found, and the Pilot's website is useless at finding old articles. I recently came across this PDF of the entire issue: the article is on page … Continue reading Chronicle of a Gay Rights Activist – via the Pilot