yesterday-self slacked off & that is OK

I recently* shared an article on my social media about “revenge bedtime procrastination”** and asked what it was called when you gave up and crawled into bed at 9pm and read a book and fell asleep by 9:30. A friend commented that she started thanking her “yesterday self” for the work she had done the … Continue reading yesterday-self slacked off & that is OK

we celebrate because celebrations are fun

I don’t remember where I first heard about Sasha Sagan’s book For Small Creatures Such as We, Finding Wonder and Meaning in Our Unlikely World, but I do remember it sitting in my online cart for months before I finally caved and bought a gently used second hand copy, somehow I ended up with an … Continue reading we celebrate because celebrations are fun

banishing the darkness

We recently gathered together to celebrate the start of Advent at my children's school. The adults sat in the gathering darkness as the children entered the room, careful to avoid stepping on the pine branches and stumps arranged in a spiral on the floor. The teacher spoke a few words about our inner light of … Continue reading banishing the darkness