Thanksgiving, something CS does Right*

Everyone, get off your computer and go spend Thanksgiving with people you care about.


While I take issue with most of Christian Science and how it is practiced today, I feel that Ms. Eddy was right to have a special Thanksgiving Service. There is no “special” Christmas service, or Easter service, but there is a special Thanksgiving Service.

I used to enjoy the Thanksgiving services. When I was younger it was the only time I, and the other under-20s, was allowed in the main edifice, and it was often the reason for a new winter dress. There was singing, everyone attended, and without fail my father would stand up and give a testimony that caused my sister and I to sink lower into the pews and wish the floor would swallow us whole.

Although I will be carefully avoiding the CS Thanksgiving service this year, I am thankful there is still a place where people can gather with their fellow church members and express gratitude.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

*except for some of the testimonies, those can be rather far-out sometimes.


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