Guest Post: Ooh Baby Ooh Baby

The following is a post from a member of the Christian Science Anonymous Facebook group. It is shared with the permission of the original poster.

Let’s talk about “family planning” Ooh baby ooh baby.

In all seriousness though it seems that my experience leaving CS was more natural and fluid than other members here. I never noticed or experienced a lot of this judging coming from others, though it is possible I don’t perceive it. In my experience, though there were a few cases of it, most CS people I met at prin and especially at my church on Cape Cod nobody was so condemning of other people’s choices. Not towards me anyway.

I think it was suspected by people who didn’t know that I was not a virgin throughout most of my time at Prin, and for a while I thought that was a bad thing. Then it kept happening. Different partners, mostly on campus, a little off. I am lucky that we had mostly sterile environment, or at least my partners were, in terms of disease. I had formed some bad sexual habits of not using protection or birth control. I am very lucky to not be a father or have a disease. Something other than “abstinance only” education would have been very healthy for me.

I ended up (after my time at Prin) adding drinking and smoking to the list of banned activities I did, even while I was still dating someone close to the CS community. Afterwards I dated a mostly lapsed catholic who taught me to love wine and I stopped really pretending to live a CS lifestyle. From there my appetite for some of the things I was told to shun really grew. I’ve leveled off a bit since then, but for a time…I indulged to make up for lost time.

Also, somewhere in there I had an existential freakout where I caught the glimpse of a shadow of a conceivable recognition of the astronomical improbability that I even exist, let alone privileged white male in America during the biggest knowledge boom in history. I started seeing myself as finite, not infinite, and as such whatever the infinite is, I am incapable of ever seeing it.

I wasn’t seeing myself a perfect child of the infinite god, I wasn’t even paying remote lip service to church (I haven’t even been to easter or thanksgiving in a few years), I haven’t been living a christian scientist lifestyle, yet I still thought of myself as one. I have many bad habits in terms of health that I need to shake, but other than that it just was a natural progression to my state of true agnosticism. I bear nobody in the Prin community any ill will for any slights actual or perceived (except one, but we’ll not go there).

And if there are any girls currently attending Principia College that want to experience some first hand “family planning”, I can certainly show you a thing or two Prin won’t want you to know.

I would like to take this opportunity to add if you have any questions about sexual health/education, preventing pregnancy and family planning I highly recommend Planned Parenthood and Scarleteen.