the Plague

Dear Readers,

I will be on hiatus until further notice. Our house has been struck with the preschool plague. It is something that germinates, mutates and spreads in the school yard, then comes home to wreak havoc on households containing children.

I will resume irregular blogging once Kid2 decides to resume sleeping through the night and I can breathe normally. Hopefully next week.

Fear not, I will leave you with hotlinks to entertain you in my absence!

Have a great weekend everyone. Don’t catch preschool plague and be nice to each other.



update (2/2/13 – before 7am) to those of you who “liked” this post, I appreciate the sentiment, but there is nothing to like about a house full of snotty little children who aren’t sleeping. I will assume that by “liking” this post you really mean “hope you & your household make a speedy recovery!”

I think I need some more coffee.

update (2/3/13 – around noon) still alive! The kids are doing a bit better, but decent sleep remains elusive due to coughing fits and perpetually running nose. Have sent husband on emergency run to grocery store for kleenx and juice.

update (2/4/13 – before noon) Just got back from the pediatrician’s office: good news – not the flu, not bronchitis, not whooping cough; bad news – nasty virus, nothing they can do. sorry. feel better soon! if it gets worse, give us a call. some days it’s like I never left CS… on the plus side there was nothing about “pray” or “call your CSP” or “it’s your fault your kids are sick b/c you caved to aggressive mental suggestion & are not seeing them as God’s Perfect Children!” I just hope we’re all feeling better soon!!!

update (2/5/13 – early afternoon) Don’t let the post about Doctors fool you, we’re still under the weather. Kid2 is on the mend, the dear husband is still mush-brained, Kid1 looks worse for the wear and I’m exhausted. We are also on our last box of kleenx.