$148 off the cover price if you subscribe to both!

It has been four months since I sent in my letter officially resigning from the Mother Church (see Parts 1, 2 and 3 if you are curious). When I printed out my letter, my husband found it and asked if I could change up the information and print one out for him too. I obliged, after all, we are in this together.

So I sent in our letters, and for weeks we heard nothing. No letter of acknowledgement, no e-mail of angst, no phone call to see if we were serious or had changed our minds. Nothing.

Then one day, a good three months after we’d mailed in our goodbyes, I checked the mail and found a plastic-wrapped packet of Christian Science propaganda addressed to my husband. Apparently the Church was curious if we had “seen our new look?” and had enclosed a copy of the Sentinel (from February 2013), and the Journal (also from February 2013). They had also thoughtfully enclosed a price list, with amazing offers: $148 off the cover price if you subscribe to both!


In with this dated literature was a “Dear Friend” letter, which reminded us that

  • The Chrsistian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel are unique, bringing the transforming ideas of genuine Christian Science and its practice of healing to humanity. No other publications in the world today carry on the missions of putting on record the healing Science of the Christ and hold Gaurd over Truth, Life, and Love (see Mary Baker Eddy, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 353).

It is my sincerest hope that the only reason that we got this mailing is because they printed the labels well in advance and had not yet had the ouppertunity to remove my husband from their mailing list.

It did cross my mind to go through and pick apart some of the articles, and the notion that the Sentinel and Journal are “essential aids in one’s spiritual growth.” I have not looked through them, and have no plans to do so. Beyond a quick photo for this blog, no trace of them will clutter our home further and they will now be promptly promoted to the recycling bin.


5 thoughts on “$148 off the cover price if you subscribe to both!

    • kat @ kindism says:

      It seems like once you send money you’re on their list forever. A friend of mine is still getting mail requesting money addressed to her husband who passed away in the 1990s.

  1. emerginggently says:

    Who knows? You may find inspiration for a blog post or two from the stuff they sent. I sometimes wish I’d kept a little bit more of the resource material I once had for research with my blog. I still have some stuff, and feel conflicted sometimes between my desire to keep it for blog research purposes, and my very strong desire to purge my home (and life) of anything connected to Christian Science. Right now, it sits in a box at the back of my storage room…out of sight, but not out of mind.

    • kat @ kindism says:

      I still have enough authorized CS lit on the bookcase to keep up appearances, but I’m not going to keep around the magazines and I’ve done my best to keep the kid’s bookcase clear of it as well. If I need inspiration there are plenty of CS bloggers, official websites, and former-CS groups I can read. At the end of the day, I’m trying to slowly move away from CS, it was part of my life for a quarter of a century, which is more than enough time! 😉

      • emerginggently says:

        I agree…yes, we all need to move far, far away from it. I’ve been divided over what to do with that little (well not so little) box in the storage room. Now, I’m thinking once I’m ready to do the Fall clean-out-put-the-summer-stuff-away jamboree, I think much of it will go to the dumpster. Might be a good opportunity as well to begin to move the blog away from CS, as I have moved myself away from it and focus more on life as I live it now. Always good to re-think stuff, and clear out the clutter of the past.

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