Books pertaining to & that are often critical of Christian Science

Please note I have not read all of these in full, but they have come up time and time again in my searches for more information about the movement

About Christian Science

Mary Baker Eddy

Christian Science & Faith Healing

Memoirs by former Christian Scientists


2 thoughts on “Books pertaining to & that are often critical of Christian Science

  1. Bill Sweet says:

    I just found out about the Greenhouse book.

    The odd thing is, I don’t actually consider the Mark Twain book anti-Eddy. When I first was introduced to Christian Science, I took a bunch of books out of the Garrett Theological Library in Evanston, Illinois near my house. The books were ‘all’ anti-Christian Science. I couldn’t find a positive book in the Library myself. I wanted to see what others thought of the church, and did I ever get an eyeful.

    From my local library, I got the Mary Twain book. The Twain book was quite good I thought. Of course, I don’t think the Milmine book about Mrs. Eddy is that anti C. S. either. I did see some mean moments though. Gee, today TMZ or some anonymous writer on the Internet would do worse to Mrs. Eddy. Look what the Media did to that woman running for the Senate who said, “I’m not a witch.”

    The Milmine book paints Mary Baker Eddy as an eccentric. So? I’m an eccentric, too. I think a lot of my ham radio operator friends and definitely my audiophile friends are eccentrics. It makes them interesting though not too good a fit into society I’d admit.

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