Strong Spiritual Women – Augusta Stetson

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It is a rare religion that it is founded by a woman. Christian Science is just such a religion. For all its problems, Christian Science is not a sexist organization. It values women; strong women, brave thinkers, female spiritual leaders. Its founder, Mary Baker Eddy, was one. So was Augusta Stetson (1842-1928). Augusta was a woman with class. She was elegant, forthright, gracious and, at the same time, commanding. She had intelligence and spiritual fortitude and was, not surprisingly, Mrs. Eddy’s most successful student.

read the entire thing: Strong Spiritual Women – Augusta Stetson – “You Stood and Did Not Run”.

I find this to be an interesting perspective into one of the players in the early years of the Christian Science movement.

More on Augusta Stetson:


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  1. Bill Sweet says:

    Perhaps August Stetson’s commanding appearance and strong leadership might have an odd DNA component. I have been told by two pretty good sources, who like her, that Ms. Stetson was an hermaphrodite.

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