(ex-)Christian Scientist Health Care- Patent Medicines and Natural Remedies

This was left a as a comment on my Christian Science Health Care: Stocking the medicine cabinet post, I though it was worth sharing further!

Understanding Mortal Mind

Kat at Kindism wrote a very good post describing the common patent medicines for everyday physical problems under the same title I am using here. This strikes me as a very practical thing to do. Please read her article. Then underneath in the comment section I added the following remedies, which I am taking the liberty of re-posting here.

First, let me say that I treat all patent medicines with great wariness and respect. I call anything manufactured by a drug company out of chemicals and targeted to one type of symptom, a patent medicine. Believe me, they are all patented. The drug companies are a powerful, organized force and have taken allopathic medicine to incredible heights. Sometimes power and greed overshadow the quality and leaving CS should not give to permission of use remedies without learning about them.

My basic rule: I try to use only generic medicines. These…

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