Nine Years Later

This post is set to automatically go up on the nine year anniversary of this blog. I’m writing it a month or two in advance, because I’m not sure where I’ll be or what I’ll be up to when it happens. A month or two in 2021 can feel like a lifetime.

When I first started this blog, nearly a decade ago, I was prolific. I spent hours writing and unpacking Christian Science, and my beliefs, and how it had impacted me. I sought out other bloggers across a wide range of topics and we had discussions. I had comments, emails, dialogues. I helped launch a larger platform to specifically address the issues facing the former Christian Science community, and then Stuff Happened.

Natural disasters. Health issues. Political unrest. Family issues. A global pandemic.

My focus, understandably, shifted to more immediate needs. Is everyone safe? Are the health issues being managed? Do we still have a democracy? How is my family doing? Is it better to buy or sew masks? Blogging fell off my to-do list.

I’ve had ideas, some were fleshed out into posts, some languished and ever went anywhere, some were better than others. I’m not going to close up the blog, but I need to acknowledge that I’m never going to post as prolifically as I was when I first started.

Thanks for being here. It has been a wild nine years.