I’m tired of being told I’m brave.

I’m tired of being told I’m brave.I didn’t set out to be brave,I set out to find others.Others.Others whose mother’s had handed off the phoneTo the elderly woman who told me what I saw with my own eyes was a lie,What I felt in the swollen flesh was a falsehood.I was fine.I was more than … Continue reading I’m tired of being told I’m brave.


quick links!

A few quick links Principia is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons  A member of the ExCS Facebook community was interviewed for a podcast (#277 Religious Abuse) (more about the FB community and the related FB page) Really fabulous take on the Myth of Safe Spaces... Divine Love is everywhere. How can you escape omnipresence? 

Winter Break – Posting will resume in 2016

Kindism.org is enjoying a winter break. Irregular updates, and the continuation of posts discussing Rudolf Steiner’s Founding a Science of the Spirit will resume sometime in the new year. Thank you for your understanding.  Looking for something to read? I think all of it is great, but some of the Past popular topics include:  Sex, Homosexuality, Relationships & Christian … Continue reading Winter Break – Posting will resume in 2016