Praise be unto He

Regular commenter Bill S. left me a link proclaiming "Scientists say they've proved God exists, and then it gets complicated" (1). I followed that link to the logical conclusion, through four more links (see below,  2) until I came across the abstract of the paper (3): Goedel's ontological proof has been analysed for the first-time … Continue reading Praise be unto He


what I’ve been reading – money & the church

Megachurch pastor tells his congregation his newly built 16,000-square-foot house is gift from God* German 'Bishop of Bling's multi-million euro mansion to be used to serve needy Scientology's fraud conviction upheld in France Incredible skeletal remains of Catholic saints still dripping in gems and jewellery discovered by 'Indiana Bones' explorer Sort of related, when you … Continue reading what I’ve been reading – money & the church