Reflections on the Prin Bubble

I recently had a series of long chat with a dear friend from my time at Prin. These are some of my thoughts from that. By sharing this, I hope to shed light on Principia the institution, which touts the low student-teacher and student-staff ratios as a reason for attending. Please do not shame the … Continue reading Reflections on the Prin Bubble

Inspiration Link Dump (1) – a bit of everything

Every now and then I get inspired to research a topic and then when I get around to writing the blog post the inspiration flees, leaving me with a post of links and background information that is unlikely to ever make it onto a blog post. I'd like to change that, so I'm going to start … Continue reading Inspiration Link Dump (1) – a bit of everything

What I’ve been reading: close to home

I was not supposed to happen via Home Schoolers Anynomous  ( My sincere request for you to stop telling me you're praying for me via Unpacked Thoughts ( Image via the internet somewhere. Full disclosure, Benny Hinn is/was one of my favorite televangelists... "he touched me!"

what I’ve been reading: this post will make you happy!

Half a drugs power comes from thinking it will work via NPR Proof that group meditation can change the world via Meditation transforms roughest San Francisco Schools via Scientists finally show thoughts can cause specific molecular changes to your genes via Can you actually get sick from being cold? via gizmodo This … Continue reading what I’ve been reading: this post will make you happy!