Inspiration Link Dump (1) – a bit of everything

Every now and then I get inspired to research a topic and then when I get around to writing the blog post the inspiration flees, leaving me with a post of links and background information that is unlikely to ever make it onto a blog post. I’d like to change that, so I’m going to start posting “Inspiration Link Dumps” of things that I looked into, but never got around to writing about further. Perhaps you’ll find something informative or interesting.

Hopefully all of these links still work. Apologies if they have changed. Some of these resources may be more scholarly than others. 

Conscientious Objectors 

Cross & Crown

Free Masons

Nicene Creed


Spindrift Research


One thought on “Inspiration Link Dump (1) – a bit of everything

  1. spindrifter says:

    A Swami friend wrote this funny song.

    “They’ll stone you when you’re having some sex. They’ll stone you if you say your spouse is an “ex.” They’ll stone you if you fail to wear a burka. They’ll stone you if you say the Prophet is a jerk-a. But I would not feel so all alone. Every faith is dogma-prone.” — Swami Beyondananda

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