Reflections on the Prin Bubble

I recently had a series of long chat with a dear friend from my time at Prin. These are some of my thoughts from that. By sharing this, I hope to shed light on Principia the institution, which touts the low student-teacher and student-staff ratios as a reason for attending. Please do not shame the … Continue reading Reflections on the Prin Bubble



I'd like to share with you an exciting new resource for those who are doubting, questioning, leaving or have left Christian Science. A group of former members of the Christian Science Church have launched a new website designed as a resource for people who have left or are considering leaving the Christian Science faith. Christian Science (not to be confused with Scientology) … Continue reading Launching

what I’ve been reading: things that make me angry

CS prays for healing at Why does God Kill So Many Children in Idaho? at Birthing Book Linked to Death of Baby at Religious Freedom vs. Child Protection at

Christian Science Culture and Positive Peer Pressure at Principia College

Back in February, Jonny Sacramanga gave an interview about Leaving Fundamentalism. A section of the interview really jumped out at me, so I bookmarked it with every intention writing a post. In the interview, Sacramanga talks about positive peer pressure in relation to Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). On his blog, ACE is described as a … Continue reading Christian Science Culture and Positive Peer Pressure at Principia College

What I’ve been reading: Faith Healing & Court Scrutiny

A Judge Makes Critical Decisions In 'Children Act' via NPR ( Faith-healing comes under court scrutiny via The Freethinker ( Tenn. Supreme Court Hears Faith Healing Case via ABCNews ( CHILD's Press Release on the Tennessee Case ( CHILD's Crank amicus brief / Tennessee Case

What I’ve been reading: close to home

I was not supposed to happen via Home Schoolers Anynomous  ( My sincere request for you to stop telling me you're praying for me via Unpacked Thoughts ( Image via the internet somewhere. Full disclosure, Benny Hinn is/was one of my favorite televangelists... "he touched me!"