what I’ve been reading: Christian Science “Science” in Context

The chemistry of living things & Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science via http://isomorphism.es Atomic Theory via wikipedia The Pseudoscience of Christian Science  via christianscience.tumblr.com Somewhat related, Cucumbers Cause Cholera via kindism.org


Einstein & Christian Science

Christian Science enjoys associating itself with famous people, great thinkers, and Albert Einstein. Einstein fits both aforementioned categories nicely, and what better way to give some merit to Ms. Eddy's claims than to say one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century was somehow involved, intrigued, or interested in it. The Researchers at the … Continue reading Einstein & Christian Science

what I’ve been reading: this post will make you happy!

Half a drugs power comes from thinking it will work via NPR Proof that group meditation can change the world via spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com Meditation transforms roughest San Francisco Schools via sfgate.com Scientists finally show thoughts can cause specific molecular changes to your genes via tunedbody.com Can you actually get sick from being cold? via gizmodo This … Continue reading what I’ve been reading: this post will make you happy!