what I’ve been reading: Christian Science “Science” in Context

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3 thoughts on “what I’ve been reading: Christian Science “Science” in Context

  1. Anonymous says:

    How sweet. Reminded me of this from Science & Health: 413:12 – 23

    The daily ablutions of an infant are no more natural nor necessary than would be the process of taking a fish out of water every day and covering it with dirt in order to make it thrive more vigorously in its own element. […] but in caring for an infant one need not wash his little body all over each day in order to keep it sweet as the new-blown flower.

    Joseph Woodbury III

    • kat @ kindism says:

      Mr. Woodbury! So good to see you again.

      Unfortunately the point about babies isn’t too far off, over-washing an infant can irritate their skin. They need a light wipe-down, but not a vigorous scrubbing.

  2. spindrifterr says:

    I have to admit that I never grasped what was meant by a baby instantly becoming an underwater swimmer. I know that children can be taught to swim underwater, some for twenty minutes. It’s dangerous.

    I recall a 20/20 program about children forced into slavery on ships in the Caribbean where they dived for pearls in clams. Some of the kids drowned.

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