Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science Perspectives on Sex, Homosexuality & Marriage

The following is a list of resources for those who wish to further explore the topics of Sex, Homosexuality, and Marriage within the context of Christian Science and Ms. Eddy’s views. It is by no means an extensive list of resources, merely a starting point for further reading.

All links shared below worked at the time of posting. More information can also be found on the “Resources” page as listed in the header, and in the category “resources” in the right hand column.

Open Letters to the Board of Directors of the Mother Church regarding their stance on homosexuality

LGBTQ-Friendly CS movements

Emergence International Articles of Interest

Articles, Blog Posts, Pamphlets & Books

Rolf Wizsche

MKHuggins’ Understanding Mortal Mind An unauthorized examination of Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science, and the “New Thought” movement

Discussion boards & Forums

Christian Way Forum discussions

TMC-Sanctioned Forums & Statements

Principia College’s perspectives & Policy on Homosexuality


4 thoughts on “Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science Perspectives on Sex, Homosexuality & Marriage

  1. BCD says:

    I think I know the answer to this question but want to be sure: Undergraduates at most colleges and universities can take a class in human sexuality. Does Principia offer such a course or anything resembling one?

    • kat @ kindism says:

      The closet they come is the “Women’s & Gender Studies” program. For more, I will direct you to the 2013-14 Prin Course Catalog ( — you can also search for “sex” which pops up a few lit classes.

      Women’s and Gender Studies
      Faculty from several disciplines support this program. Women’s and gender studies is by definition an interdisciplinary field. Gender is studied as a social construction that needs to be examined in conjunction with race and class. The field recognizes that culture and history shape and inform gender roles and experiences. Some of the basic questions considered are: What roles have women played in the sciences, the arts, politics, religion, and other fields? What issues have women and men faced because of their gender? How have these issues affected their lives, their words, their study, their status, and diverse societies in their cross-cultural relations? The goal of women’s and gender studies is to explore these questions from a variety of perspectives. The two elective courses must be outside the discipline of sociology
      and anthropology and must be selected from two different disciplines.

      A minor in Women’s and Gender Studies
      requires six courses:
      —Two of the following:
      SOAN/WOM 170 Gender Paradigms
      SOAN/WOM 335 Gender & Masculinity
      SOAN/WOM 365 Global Perspectives of Women
      —SOAN/WOM 360 Gender Theories
      —WOM 410 Senior Seminar
      —Two electives from the following:
      ENGL 253 Gender Studies in Literature
      PHIL 222 Feminist Philosophy
      POLS 240 Women in Politics
      REL 200 Women in the Bible
      WLIT 179 Reading French Society in Film

  2. Elle says:

    I took Gender Paradigms at Prin around 2004 – it was taught by Dr. Pamela Kaye at that point, highly suggest anyone take it. Not sure how it (or the other courses, for that matter) stack up to other schools and their offersings, but it was a world of novelty within the Prin bubble.

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