Prin Upper School Alum Moderates Presidential Debate

Apparently the moderator of tonight’s Presidential debates was a graduate of the Principia Upper School.**

I’m still not going to watch it (although I may follow the live-tweeting coverage from @TheEconomist or @PolitiFact).

Regardless of how things go, I get the impression no one is going to be happy.

**Correction: I initially stated that Ms. Crowley attended Principia College for two years. Reader GGR has pointed out that Ms. Crowley is not listed in the 2006 College Alumni Directory, nor does the Alumni office have any record of her.


2 thoughts on “Prin Upper School Alum Moderates Presidential Debate

  1. GGR says:

    I discovered your blog only today, so this isn’t timely but it does set the record straight.

    Wikipedia is wrong. While Candy Crowley graduated from the Upper School, she never attended Principia College. I found that out by first checking the alumni directory (2006 edition) and confirming this with the alumni office. (The directory is quite accurate, but some Prin alumni I went to school with aren’t in the book.)

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