Paul’s letter to the Principians (an excerpt)

The following is an excerpt from a letter Paul would write to the Principians if he and Ms. Eddy were alive today. It comes from an exegesis* by a Principia Student written in the Spring of 2003. 

“Principians, when Mary Baker Eddy gave her contribution of Christian Science she understood the religion would meet some opposition. Unlike with my situation with the Corinthians, she gave you the spiritual insight knowing you would come to it when you were ready.

Many of you have jumped to the false conclusion you have reached grand spiritual heights because generations of Christian Scientists have come before you in your family. Does Mary Baker Eddy support heredity or hierarchical behavior? NO! She stresses heredity is unreal, and to boast of one’s spirituality based off your upbringing is false. You are still in your material bodies, until you ascend there is no room for you to speak of lofty spiritual things.

It does not matter how many years your ancestors have been involved with Christian Science, or how many generations back your family has attended Principia. It is not right for you to say others can not be as spiritual as you are because they have not had the same background.

Mary Baker Eddy came and laid the foundation. She was inspired by God to do so. Your bickering does not help you build up yourself or others. Do not be caught up in the mortal sense of hierarchical ancestry, you need to build your own Faith upon the foundation you have made your own.

God has given you choices, you have chosen Christian Science, it is here to help you, not to tear you apart worrying about human trivialities. Man is Spiritual, not material, to dwell in mere human pettiness is to go against the very basis upon which Christian Science was founded.”

*We may make the full text of the exegesis on 1 Corinthians 3 available at a later time.