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I have been enjoying Corinna’s blog for a little while now, I have found it to be quite insightful. I try not to re-blog other people’s posts, but this one really spoke to me and I wanted to share it beyond just “liking” it.

One None Gets Some

I’m surprised when Jackson tells me that officially the Buzz is Baptist. After seminary, he was struck by polls showing the abundance of people lacking a religious affiliation in the Pacific Northwest and, with the financial backing of a national Baptist organization, relocated here from Texas. At first he worked as the youth minister at a local Baptist church before striking out on his own about five years ago. Today, the ties to the national organization have loosened. It pays only a part of his salary and, of the 20 or so people on his staff, each one is responsible for securing his or her own funding, which comes from multiple sources. I wonder what it means about the future of denominations that I’ve had to work so hard to find one here.

When he asks me why I started my church-going mission, our conversation turns to the less material…

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2 thoughts on “reblogged: The okay-ness

    • kindism says:

      It was in your final paragraph: But maybe it refers to something much more subtle, being “good” as in being “okay”—learning to be good to ourselves and others, gentle and kind, accepting of our own and each other’s foibles. The okay-ness is the root of this love, which we can only extend to others if we first possess it ourselves.

      I think the “okay-ness” is something a lot of us are looking for, we’re just lacking the vocabulary to articulate it. I think in many ways Jesus set an excellent example for okay-ness, but I’m not convinced the church structures that have grown up around those teachings actually promote those ideas.

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