Hi Kat: I finally had kicked the cs habit

The following is an e-mail I received from a reader that I have shared here with their permission. I don’t often publish e-mails from readers, but when I do they’ll be categorized and tagged “Hi Kat e-mails.”

About 3 years ago I was late for work so I was running across a busy Boston Street and did not see the unevenness of the pavement and fell. When I got up it was obvious that I had really damaged my left wrist.  So I immediately hailed a cab and got over to Mass General emergency room where I was immediately treated with love, respect and humor.  A wonderful team suggested that I have a metal plate put in my wrist as it was partially shattered.  I almost reverted back to my insanity of cs thinking for a second that maybe it could heal well on its own with a splint in place.  Fortunately the love of the nurse and doctor had me in surgery 2 days later (I had never been in surgery) . It was so well done that I barely think of it other than gratitude for the entire team including the anesthesiologist.  I finally had kicked the cs habit and found love in letting “materia medica” do what no one else could do especially cs.

Thank you for letting me share.


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