Hi Kat: I’m so grateful to know that I can turn to evidence based medicine for healing

The following is an e-mail I received from a reader that I have shared here with their permission. I don’t often publish e-mails from readers, but when I do they’ll be categorized and tagged “Hi Kat e-mails.”

I was dealing recently with the apparent belief a very sore foot that suddenly became alarmingly swollen and discolored late one evening. I was afraid, trying to remember what I might have done to injure my foot as the pain initially seemed consistent with a bruise or some other impact, and I couldn’t remember. Now, with the swelling, now more burning pain sensation I began to suspect maybe a spider bite (common where I live). I decided to turn to the one place I knew I could begin to find healing in this situation, so very late at night: the Emergency room at the local hospital. There I was seen almost immediately by the triage nurse who kindly remarked how glad she was that I got in to see them when I did, as my foot situation looked very serious. I waited in the streaming section for around half an hour, then in an exam room. Eventually the doctor on duty was able to see me. He looked at the foot, and assured me we weren’t dealing with a spider bite, but actually a serious and very aggressive infection. Still dangerous, just a different kind. He prescribed liquid antibiotics and bed rest with the foot elevated.

I visited the hospital for two more rounds of the liquid antibiotics, and then switched to the pills. That, and a few days of bed rest worked wonders! I’m now almost finished the course of antibiotics that were prescribed, and I’m able to walk comfortably on the foot, and the swelling is rapidly disappearing.

I’d like to give my deepest gratitude to the doctors and nurses who helped me and treated me with the utmost kindness and respect. I’d also especially like to give thanks to antibiotics, and whoever discovered them. I’m so grateful to know that I can turn to evidence based medicine for healing, instead of the dangerous and false teachings of Christian Science, which may have resulted in a far different, and much more unpleasant outcome for me.


A note from Kat:

What a wonderful demonstration, thank you for sharing!


2 thoughts on “Hi Kat: I’m so grateful to know that I can turn to evidence based medicine for healing

  1. Dan says:

    Kat – Your venue for people to “air their laundry” is more important than the reading of s and h at this point. I think there must be thousands of former cs individuals who have been harmed so to speak over the last 30 or 40 years. I feel lucky to be a survivor and able to write this letter. I knew a practitioner (journal listed) who stepped on a nail and would not get a tetanus shot. She developed gangrene and had to cut her leg off an she died shortly thereafter is her 40s.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. mkhuggins says:

    I loved this testimonial and would love to see more of them. In fact, I think I am going to frame my thinking and language very much like this when I make future demonstrations of the effectiveness of modern medicine.

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