the ego is reborn in a symphony of phenomena

I was going to write a blog post today, but as soon as I thought I had a few moments, I heard a little voice announcing “I need sharper scissors” and then another voice “I’ll go get the big kitchen scissors” and then the first voice saying “No, no, I cut this myself.” Then there was the noise of cardboard being cut, and I walked in to see the little voice cutting dangerously close to it’s fingers.

We had a talk about scissor safety. I think they are building cars.

I’ve had an interesting few weeks break from blogging. Some highlights in no particular order:

    • I tried to read a book about mindful self-compassion, and came to the conclusion the most compassionate thing I could do was to stop reading the book.
    • I’ve tried to practice “being present” (although I’m still not totally sure what that means). I’ve also tried to step back and think more big-picture: “will this matter in five minutes?” Usually not, but sometimes it means we will get to pick up little bits of paper confetti cut from super-fast paper airplanes.


    • I’ve been working with the little ones on boundaries, consent, and personal space. This is an on-going process.
    • I’ve started keeping a journal, not daily, but every 2-3 days (when I can find a few moments) to write down thoughts, feelings, challenges, and highlights of the day as a way of keeping track of issues I’m working on tackling. I’ve made progress on some things, while other areas are stagnant.
    • Eventually I’ll get back to The Founding of the Science of Spirit but as another person who is reading it said “I read the chapter twice now and it is totally over my head!” I’m not sure if it is over my head because of truly deep insights, or if I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it because it is nonsense. I feel it could go either way.
    • A close Christian Science friend recently confided they were having health issues and seeking medical care. They needed someone to talk to as they didn’t feel comfortable sharing their struggles with their church community. This is a perfect example of Christian Science in action.

I thought I was going to have more time after the scissor safety talk, but I was wrong. Someone is hungry and wants cheese.


2 thoughts on “the ego is reborn in a symphony of phenomena

  1. mkhuggins says:

    I am back long enough to post one and read ones of yours. Just had to say, I wondered about this aspect when you said you sent your kids to a Steiner school. I did too for a while in nursery school. I like starting with the dinosaurs and progressing history and age, in principle, but nothing is that clear cut.

    The metaphysics refer to Steiner’s inner life, it was an ongoing fantasy trip he developed to a high degree, the Dragons and Dungeons of his time, LOL. Pure fantasy.

    • kat says:

      The theory behind it is a bit odd, and the teaching style seems to fit well with the kids.

      I may try to track down Steiner in the original, as I suspect some of the problem is that it was written in esoteric German (or the notes from esoteric germans who attended his lectures), which was then translated. Ha!

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