Why do young adults disengage with CS communities? HOW IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION!?

I recently received an email from a CS-affiliated group that was holding a local gathering/discussion forum for Christian Scientists. It read, in part:
These discussions will be exploring questions like:
  • What are ways that your Christian Science community has supported you?
  • What are some things you would like to see in your CS communities?
  • What role do organizations that serve Christian Scientists play in supporting young adult community and connections?
  • Why do young adults disengage with CS communities?

Would you have any interest in joining a discussion on these topics? [Redacted] is trying to connect with a broad audience – whether you attend church or not, there is a discussion for you!

The last question, Why do young adults disengage with CS communities? hit a nerve. A better question is how are young adults staying in CS in 2017?

If they want to know why people are leaving Christian Science they should do a quick read of this blog (or any of the other blogs), support sites, published memoirs, or skim a few pages of CHILD’s website. This is not a difficult question.

It is a little late for hand-wringing over what went wrong. The stories are horrifyingly similar: my aging parent/friend/relative is in CS and dying a horrible slow death. As a child I was denied appropriate medical care. I have life long emotional, psychological, physical scars from my CS upbringing. Take your pick, sometimes it is all of the above.



3 thoughts on “Why do young adults disengage with CS communities? HOW IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION!?

  1. Bruce says:

    Why do young adults disengage from CS communities? These kids aren’t dumb. Sooner or later they figure out that it isn’t working for them, and they move on, maybe slowly at first, but they do. Gotta give them credit!

  2. Ex CS Chrystal says:

    Thank you for this blog post. AND: Thank you for answering it!!

    I also like “LW’s comment” — ::::crickets::::

    I hope the church dies a swift death. What the hell is going to happen with all the millions of dollars that The Mother Church in Boston has at that time? I hope it gets donated to CHILD.

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