Conquering the Inner Darkness

It is that time of year again when the theme of Dragons and Inner Darkness come into play. I’ve been struggling with my own dragons and inner darkness recently, and am slowly coming to peace with where things are, and where things are going.

A conversation during the school run’s morning drop off left me in tears. I’ve had building up frustration on a few issues, and the simple question “are you doing ok?” opened the emotional flood gates.

I’m struggling with some serious doubts about a lot of things right now. As I talked through it with my friend, a few others joined us. We commiserated. Their worries are different, yet similar.

As I was walking to my car, a father came up to me and explained he’d overheard our conversation. He had a similar struggle with one of his children, and offered to help me find resources.

I am grateful to have a supportive community.

I am grateful that my struggles are being acknowledged as real.

I am grateful that I am not alone with these worries, and that there are resources.

Things are ok, not perfect.

It is not so much darkness as it is frustration at things out of my control.

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4 thoughts on “Conquering the Inner Darkness

  1. spindrifterr says:

    I don’t know the specific events with children you are dealing with that have you in darkness. I can tell you that a number of my friends, including CS friends, are struggling with ‘serious’ drug use problems with their children. I have been around many drug addicted folks because I ran bands. Drugs are demons that take over minds and bodies. My musician friends tell me that they prefer the drugs to giving them up. I’m afraid that the same scenario could affect many of today’s children.

    • kat says:

      Thankfully, the problem is not drugs.

      We are having day-to-day age-appropriate developmental challenges that have been/are being particularly trying. It is the start of a new school year and getting back into routines, and school work, after the lull of summer has been difficult. We are working with the teachers, and other appropriate professionals, to work through some of the more challenging aspects.

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