Get Wise FFCS/ExCS Webinar

I’m excited to share this with everyone. As part of my work with the Ex-Christian Scientist group, I am collaborating with the The Fellowship of Former Christian Scientists to host a zoom workshop about how and why CS continues to influence our lives!

Why does CS continue to influence your life even years after leaving? Cult recovery experts Bob and Judy Pardon will help us understand why.

The Fellowship of Former Christian Scientists in collaboration with the Ex-Christian Scientist group are thrilled to offer a zoom workshop led by cult recovery experts, Bob and Judy Pardon.

Details & sign up information:


One thought on “Get Wise FFCS/ExCS Webinar

  1. j says:

    Appreciate your perspective. As a point of literary research, would note Conrad Henry Moehlman’s “Ordeal by Concordance: An Historical Study of a Recent Literary Invention”, which chronicles his investigation into the truth-claims of the Lieber-Eddy scandal. While his perspective may be somewhat different than yours, Moehlman was a literary detective in his day (1920s and 1930s), researching and then writing books such as “Protestantism’s Challenge: An Historical Study of the Survival Value of Protestantism” and “The Jewish-Christian Tragedy: A Study in Religious Prejudice.” As you are a specialist in Eddy and cults, Moehlman’s book may actually strengthen your position even as it promotes accuracy re the Lieber-Eddy contretemps.

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