Reflections on the Prin Bubble

I recently had a series of long chat with a dear friend from my time at Prin. These are some of my thoughts from that. By sharing this, I hope to shed light on Principia the institution, which touts the low student-teacher and student-staff ratios as a reason for attending. Please do not shame the … Continue reading Reflections on the Prin Bubble


follow up: hazing at Principia

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch  Three charged in Principia football hazing case TOWN AND COUNTRY • The investigation into hazing allegations at a sports camp at Principia Upper School last summer has led to felony charges for two teens, and misdemeanor counts against another. Read the entire article: Previous post on the topic:

Equality at Prin, Vague Repression for All!

This is a follow up on  If anyone would like to share an extended piece about their thoughts about, or experiences with Principia's policies (beyond a brief comment), please be in touch! I welcome guest posts! The TL;DR version Gays can now openly attend Principia, and the Administration has shifted their focus to combat … Continue reading Equality at Prin, Vague Repression for All!

Christian Science Culture and Positive Peer Pressure at Principia College

Back in February, Jonny Sacramanga gave an interview about Leaving Fundamentalism. A section of the interview really jumped out at me, so I bookmarked it with every intention writing a post. In the interview, Sacramanga talks about positive peer pressure in relation to Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). On his blog, ACE is described as a … Continue reading Christian Science Culture and Positive Peer Pressure at Principia College

What I’ve been reading: Hazing

Police investigate hazing allegations at Principia school via St. Louis Post-Dispatch (