there is no church protocol

I did not initially have a post planned for today, but a friend recently shared an article about Liz Heywood and her stand against religious abuse (you can read more about her story on her blog). I mostly skimmed the article, Ms. Heywood tends to make a regular appearance when I google for former-CS as … Continue reading there is no church protocol



I have a confession to make: I spend way too much time looking at my blog stats. Even when I don't post any content, I try and check and see how many people have stopped by to look. I'm still slightly shocked anyone (beyond my husband and my BFF) reads what I post. I also … Continue reading summaries

Christian Science, Health Care & the Government

I feel strongly about the separation of Church and State. I enjoy having the freedom to practice whatever I'd like, and the freedom from being forced to practice any particular religion. It makes me uncomfortable when "conservatives" with "Christian" values start lobbying Congress for laws that line up with their (Old Testament) views on morality … Continue reading Christian Science, Health Care & the Government