I have a confession to make: I spend way too much time looking at my blog stats. Even when I don’t post any content, I try and check and see how many people have stopped by to look. I’m still slightly shocked anyone (beyond my husband and my BFF) reads what I post. I also look at the “Summaries of Search Terms” to see what people have looked for which has led them to my blog.

The top three search terms are as follows:

  1. unofficial christian science sites, blogs
  2. kindism
  3. christian science deaths

The first two are understandable, I am an unofficial CS-site/blog and it is called kindism (which is also a world view), the third “christian science deaths” makes me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. I mean, I’m glad people are coming to my little corner of the internet, but that so many people are searching for “christian science deaths” makes me want to write a strongly worded letter to everyone listed in the Journal because they’re DOING IT WRONG, but I probably won’t, because instead of doing that I’m writing this blog post. Maybe one day it will show up on one of their google searches.

The top 10 includes “christian scientists and medicare” and variations on equality for gay Principians. Most of the CS-related ones deal with death, the church’s per capita tax, and CS who take medicine/drink.

  • trade edition science and health and bible – it is impossible to have too many copies
  • is christian science shrinking – well, with CS death’s being the #3 search term I think it’s kinda obvious!
  • filled up full with thoughts from god – I’m not usually for burning books, but I’ll make an exception
  • christian science and the end of the world – this experience isn’t “real” why would it matter?
  • losing a friend to christian science – I’m not sure if they mean this as CS-death, or like “losing a friend to a cult” both are possibilities

Then there are some generic church/god related terms

  • what is the matthew code – other than completely ignored by most CS-groups?
  • puritan birthday cards – did Puritans celebrate birthdays? I know good CS don’t.
  • inappropriate jesus christmas cards – I still really want to send these one day but my husband won’t let me…
  • church antibacterial – maybe other churches have hand soap factions too
  • breaking up with goddid that, thanks mormon missionaries!

The ones pertaining to Principia were interesting, and I’d like to think my blog is easier to navigate than Prin’s homepage when it comes to finding facts:

  • +gay principians – and variations on Principia Queer Equality
  • dangerous bluff principia college – there was a lawsuit
  • principia pledge Jesus couldn’t abide by Prin’s terms, what hope do you have?
  • can you take medicine and attend principia collegenope
  • principia college hater – rather hurt my feelings, I don’t hate Prin, I just think they’re DOING IT ALL WRONG

And then there were some search terms which made me go “wha?”

  • wooden school table – I hope it turned up this post
  • what is a dictionary – I have no clue…
  • dinosaurs in the old testament – well we all know about Raptor Jesus
  • elephants demons? – my best guess is that this turned up one of my musings on Buddhism

My favorite search term:

tax deductibility of christian science nursing facilities

I hope my post on Christian Science, Healthcare & the Government gave them something to think about, I’m not sure they were linked to that post, but I’m hopeful. I’d like to think that was looked up by some lifelong CS’s lifelong CS-offspring and that my blog gave them a lot to think about.