Principia’s Homosexual Policies

All students who attend Principia College are required to abide by the following conditions:


Presented without further comment is the link to the petition to support Equality at Principia which states:

The Principia Administration and Board of Trustees
The Principia has pledged to serve the cause of Christian Science. Progressing beyond sexuality to spirituality is an important aspect that deserves respect. The homosexuality policy, however, is an obstacle to this progress because it asks students and faculty to identify themselves by sexual orientation. Then the policy restricts individuals, explicitly homosexuals, from openly identifying themselves in this manner, at the same time requiring them to overcome this false impression. Therefore, this policy severely impedes the progress it demands. I respectfully request its removal so that all Principians may effectively realize their spiritual identity.

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and here is a survey about Principia’s Homosexual Policies and an explanation of them

REASONS FOR THE HOMOSEXUALITY POLICY AT PRINCIPIA COLLEGE APRIL, 2010 Principia and Principians hold no animosity or feel no condemnation towards people who identify themselves as homosexuals, but the College’s standard comes from a desire to build a foundation for our community based on the principles listed below:

1. The Bible is explicit in its injunctions against homosexual acts and in the importance of morality in marriage. The Bible gives specific rules for marriage, forbidding departure from heterosexual marriage. The gospels include Christ Jesus’ instructions on marriage, in which a man and a woman become “one flesh.”Paul condemned homosexuality as abnormal practice.

2. Bible Scholar, Bernhard Anderson says in an article entitled, “The Biblical Circle,” heterosexuality is a biological norm for the perpetuation of the human species. The creation mandate in Genesis 1 is for male and female being fruitful and multiplying for procreative purposes.

3. Principia’s policy stems partly from the difficulties that would arise from trying to accommodate an alternative lifestyle in a small, close-knit residential community.

4. Homosexuality is healable. Healing is a revealing of what’s true. Discovery of one’s spiritual selfhood brings freedom from a limited sense of identity. Homosexuality does not truly characterize one’s identity.

5. Science and Health, p. 56 “Marriage is the legal and moral provision for generation among human kind.” On that basis, the purpose of sex is to procreate within the safety net of marriage. Homosexual relationships are incapable of procreation outside or within the institution of marriage.

6. Science and Health, p. 57, “Chastity is the cement of civilization and progress.” Chastity is defined as the confining of sexual relations to the marriage covenant. It also means purity of thought and action.

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What’s included in pre-marital and extra-marital sexual relations, and homosexual activity: Contrary to popular culture, at Principia, oral sex is included in what constitutes pre-marital and extra-marital sexual relations. Homosexual activity includes dating, public displays of affection, and sexual relations. Source: Blue Pages,_rules,_&_procedures_for_students.htm **

There are several Facebook groups who are working in support of this (including Principians for Queer Equality, and I Support Equality at Prin), and there is also a larger support group for LGBT Christian Scientists called Emergence International.

**Both cited sources are from prinweb, which is Principia’s internal network, and these links do not appear to be assessable from off-campus. If anyone can find off-campus assessable links that would be greatly appreciated!