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CS prays for healing at http://www.tampabay.com/news/health/linda-osmundson-casa-director-and-christian-scientist-prays-for-healing/2206547

Why does God Kill So Many Children in Idaho? at https://www.vocativ.com/culture/religion/faith-healing-deaths/?page=all

Birthing Book Linked to Death of Baby at  http://www.theragblog.com/metro-lamar-w-hankins-birthing-book-linked-to-death-of-pursley-baby-in-east-texas-cult/

Religious Freedom vs. Child Protection at http://www.csicop.org/si/show/faith_healing_religious_freedom_vs._child_protection


what I’ve been reading: education


A must-read piece from the HuffPost Science Blog

Somewhat related:


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break the neck hypnotic beliefs and animal magnetism

I recently received an e-mail inviting me to “watch and pray” with a local CS group:

Join us for the really rewarding spiritual experience of “keeping watch”.

Jesus expected his disciples to watch with him, Mrs Eddy had her household watch sometimes 3 days straight without sleep.

It will be a continuous prayer from sunset to sunrise, being so clear in thought as to break the neck hypnotic beliefs and animal magnetism so that divine Truth can pour in.

The hypnotic belief we are correcting is the claim that sex-trafficking is the largest growing economy in the world today.

Our central watch is: “Women are not sex-toys!”

We watch —- sunset to —- Sunrise at —–. Please join us in person if you can, or Hangout in if you’re too far away.

Let’s rejoice together that:

The Mind or intelligence of production names the female gender last in the ascending order of creation.

I’m not sure what the group hopes to accomplish by staying up all night praying about sex-trafficking. I can’t remember the last time I voluntarily stayed up all night, there were a few times in college, but that was usually accidental, I lost track of time and then suddenly the sun came up as I walked across the campus.

On one hand, I am slightly shocked that a CS group is taking on this task, on the other, this is typical of Christian Scientists, why make meaningful change when you can stay home and pray about it? If your thoughts are clear enough you can “break the neck hypnotic beliefs and animal magnetism” and “divine Truth can pour in.”


I agree people are not sex-toys. I strongly believe people should have autonomy over their bodies. People should not be trafficked for sex, or other questionable undertakings.

This may shock some people, but I strongly feel that WOMEN ARE PEOPLE, and TRAFFICKING PEOPLE (yes, that includes men, women, LGBTQ, children, etc.) AND LIMITING THEIR AUTONOMY IS WRONG. Praying about problems is great, but there comes a time when you need to stop praying and start doing.

There is not nearly enough DOING in Christian Science (unless you’re talking about congressional lobbying to shield themselves from litigation, there’s more than enough of that happening). There is a lot of sitting and prayerfully knowing the truth, reading the lesson, studying the books. If all good Christian Scientists spent a third of the time DOING GOOD IN THEIR COMMUNITY instead of reading and studying the books and maintaining an air of superior aloofness I’m fairly certain that Christian Science would be thriving today.

So want to make a difference by doing something other than praying about it?

Recrafting free speech at Prin

This is a Pilot article from May 2009 which I thought was worth sharing. It took quite some time to actually FIND the article (linked as a PDF and in full below the cut), which discusses the “new” (at the time) Free Speech Policy.

The article also discusses the old Free Speech Policy with relation to “homosexual activity” policy:

A line in the blue pages that limits discussion about homosexuality is affected by the new policy. The old policy reads as follows: “[Homosexual activity] also includes promoting, through organized events or materials, a change to Prin’s policy on homosexuality.”

The new freedom of speech policy will take the place of this existing policy; however, it is not specific to homosexuality, nor is it intended to be.

Interestingly the Student Body President at the time also reminds everyone that

the document does not provide for universal and total free speech on campus and it’s not supposed to. Principia is a private institution and as such it can enforce certain standards.

I don’t really have anything constructive to say about the enforcing of “certain standards” other than I am very grateful that I no longer live in a community where the admissions office and the Office of Student Life make it a point to know if you’re sexually active (none of their business), taking drugs (including but not limited to OTC &/or prescription medication, but things like glasses and braces are somehow okay), or slacking off on church attendance/commitment to the “cause.”

If anyone has a copy of the OLD Free Speech Policy I would love to have it to compare them!

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Equality at Prin

There has been a noticeable increase in searches for “gay rights at Principia,” “Principia homosexual policies,” and “equality at Prin” which appear to be landing people at this blog.


I know there is not a lot that turns up when you search for this stuff, there is the very active Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/ISupportEqualityAtPrin, a multi-page PDF of the Principia College Catalog with the reminder about abstaining from homosexual activity, and the post I made a little while back about Prin’s homosexual policies. There is also the Emergence International group which offers support for gay/lesbian/bisexual Christian Scientists.

So I decided to do some searching around and turned up a catched article from the Principia Pilot in 1999 posted by the http://www.cslesbigay.org (in full below the cut… please note Prin has made some administrative changes, they have a new College President and a new Dean of Students but it seems to sum up their views nicely), and another petition “End Gay Discrimination at Principia.” I also came across an amusing, often irreverent mostly inactive blog, which lampoons some of Prin’s policies: the Lunar Fox Press.

Interestingly the “Chronicle of a gay rights activist which I had previously linked to in the Principia Pilot archives now reads as “404-not found.” It served as a reminder that up until 2009 (?) it was forbidden to even TALK about the “homosexual policies” because that was “homosexual activity” and therefore not allowed on campus.

What can you do to make a difference in Prin’s policies and/or learn more about them?

There is a fair bit of information that is only accessible on the campus local network. The college’s main website is devoid of information about their policies, and any articles the Pilot (college paper) puts out are nearly impossible to view. If I happen to come across any further articles I will share them.

I hope to gather more information to share so that people beyond the facebook and members-only groups know about this and can take part in taking action.

*Please note I do not have any animosity towards Principia, just their policies, interpretations and applications of Christian Science, and the Office of Student Life’s need to know about my sex life and Moral Reasoning.

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