what I’ve been reading – superstition, sex & creation



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One thought on “what I’ve been reading – superstition, sex & creation

  1. Bill Sweet says:

    I have going over in my mind this quotation about “if religion is true.” Of course, Christian Science parents would be pleased if some of their children stayed with the faith.

    I presume, from what I have heard and read from others, that they felt their parents tried to force-feed them CS and they still resent it.

    Again, it might be the neighborhood where I was brought up; an academic atmosphere and open-minded atmosphere. It seems to me, as I recall, Christian Science parents I saw hoped their kids would find a home in Christian Science, but in many cases, the parents let the children “investigate” what religious truth would appeal to them. Yes, I sure the parents probably silently gushed for the children to end-up in CS. But the parents let the children go explore for themselves.

    I bet that this investigation by children is the opposite for most of the readers of these messages. What was your experience with your parents pushing CS?

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