there is no church protocol

I did not initially have a post planned for today, but a friend recently shared an article about Liz Heywood and her stand against religious abuse (you can read more about her story on her blog). I mostly skimmed the article, Ms. Heywood tends to make a regular appearance when I google for former-CS as … Continue reading there is no church protocol

supernatural & highly abstract hygiene

I follow a number of blogs written by both practicing and former Christian Scientists. I try to find ones that are inspiring, thought provoking, different, well-researched, and relatively new to the scene. There are lots of interesting CS and former-CS bloggers out there. The other day, LebensFreude-Heilung (for the English, visit Vitality and Healing) posted … Continue reading supernatural & highly abstract hygiene

even the Athiests

This isn't really a post, just something I came across and felt was worth sharing: I love Pope Francis. I'm not Catholic, or ever planning to be, but the guy is just awesome. via the Guardian Pope Francis says atheists can be good - Just do good, and we'll find a meeting point, says Francis … Continue reading even the Athiests

my Prin hoodie

The other morning it was rather chilly and I was going to spend a part of they day on projects around the house. Without much thought I pulled out my Prin College hoodie, cozy, warm and already stained from projects, to wear. I took Kid1 to school and the first friend we saw was the … Continue reading my Prin hoodie