Summer Blogging

Regular readers may notice that this blog tends to update inconsistently. Sometimes there are 3-4 posts in 3-4 days, and other times there may be one a week, or every two.

After months of delving into Ms. Eddy, Policy, TMC history (both authorized and unauthorized), I need slightly lighter reading. I also, believe it or not, do have a life beyond blogging and a growing list of other projects that need to be worked on. I’m not abandoning blogging for the summer, just I need to take a little a break and clear my head!

Fear not, dear readers, the blog will continue to update (by magick!) every Monday (with certainty) and possibly on Wednesday/Thursday if I feel like it. I may even have a guest post or two (if the volunteers follow through with their offers), to occasionally fill a lull in the week.

Why Monday? Why not! What better way to start your week than by reading about a religion that is stuck in 1879?

And now for some appropriately irreverent humor from Pearls before Swine!



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