Surreal morning conversations at the play yard

I’m starting to think I need more coffee before I do the school run.

(me) Today is Thursday, right?

(a dad at the school play yard) Yeah, it’s Friends, and Steinfield tonight, remember when we used to do that?

Not really, I wasn’t allowed to watch TV. I occasionally snuck some on Wednesday nights while my parents were at church.

There is so much going on with that sentence.

*grapples with the obvious age difference between us and my parental TV restrictions*

Your parents had TV restrictions?

Yeah, that’s why I watched it when they were at church.

Your parents really liked Jesus?

Not exactly.

*raised eyebrows*

They were Christian Scientists.

We’re taking the kids to Boston for the weekend to show them the Mother Church.

Don’t forget to take them to the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity. Just be careful you don’t catch anything. They don’t vaccinate.

As a community aren’t we supposedly believe that too. *wink*

On one hand it was refreshing to not have to explain what Christian Science was (one of the mothers is convinced I should get in touch with Katie Homles), on the other, it was an all together too surreal conversation.



2 thoughts on “Surreal morning conversations at the play yard

  1. Wendy Rigby says:

    My husband, (a very bright man!) STILL confuses Christian Science with Scientology! I correct him every time. The wounds and betrayal I experienced as a child run so deeply that my first reaction is pain and anger. Humour and joy follow a split second later as I realize how great it is to be free of the CS silliness. Maybe ex Scientologists feel similar? Maybe there are no ex Scientologists? We fringey types probably do share a bond!

  2. Jane says:

    We definitely didn’t watch any medical dramas. We also were restricted about what books we could read. Only Monitor-approved children’s books. Most adults my age read the Little House on the Prairie books, but I never did. I assume now it was because one of the character became blind. Anyway, I’m always trying to explain to people why I never did this or that because I was basically raised in a cult. I have no idea if CS is as restrictive now as it was back in the day, but TMC used to exert a lot of control over numerous aspects of our lives.

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