(ex-)Christian Scientist Health Care- Patent Medicines and Natural Remedies

This was left a as a comment on my Christian Science Health Care: Stocking the medicine cabinet post, I though it was worth sharing further!

Understanding Mortal Mind

Kat at Kindism wrote a very good post describing the common patent medicines for everyday physical problems under the same title I am using here. This strikes me as a very practical thing to do. Please read her article. Then underneath in the comment section I added the following remedies, which I am taking the liberty of re-posting here.

First, let me say that I treat all patent medicines with great wariness and respect. I call anything manufactured by a drug company out of chemicals and targeted to one type of symptom, a patent medicine. Believe me, they are all patented. The drug companies are a powerful, organized force and have taken allopathic medicine to incredible heights. Sometimes power and greed overshadow the quality and leaving CS should not give to permission of use remedies without learning about them.

My basic rule: I try to use only generic medicines. These…

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Christian Science is going to Burning Man

Holy Ghost Shift

Hello Church Family!

What an exciting last two weeks!!!

The Burning Man Art Festival is fast approaching at the last weekend of August. As a part of my first experience with Christian missionary work, it is very near and dear to my heart.

This year the Christian Science camp has been officially recognized by Burning Man as an “official” camp. This allows it to function differently then it has in the past and opens up opportunities to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

The main activities through the Christian Science camp (formally named: Healing Foot Wash, Life, Truth, Love) are healing, prayer, foot washing, and sharing the Word of God.

I wrote this song as a part of last week’s Bible Lesson Mix, but didn’t get a chance to share it. I wanted to include it in this email, along with a few links to encourage any…

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Hey, Christians. Feeling Persecuted? Don’t Be Evil!

Some light reading for your weekend.


Christians and LionIn the debris of the Hobby Lobby ruling, the Atlanta Banana published a satirical news report: Little Caesar’s Pizza had been granted the religious freedom to feed Christian employees to lions.

Never mind that the trope of Christians getting fed to lions may have been made up by early Christians themselves; the Little Caesar story was almost inevitable. Faced with a barrage of conscience claims, frustrated secularists are wondering whether there’s any limit to the privileges some people will claim in the name of “religious freedom” or any limit to the exemptions and entitlements they will be granted by co-religionists in positions of power.

Turning frustration into humor is a time honored tradition, but serious Bible believers are unlikely to find the Little Caesar’s story funny. The notion of martyrdom as the apogee of faith is as old as the Catholic Church. To quote Christian History for Everyman

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Learning to Care Less about the Disapproval of Others

Awesome article that can be applied to many situations!

godless in dixie

misunderstandingFew things upset me like being misunderstood, and here lately that’s been happening a lot.  Leaving the Christian fold was an eye-opening experience in more ways than one, not least of which was in showing me how unable to think outside of their box this faith makes people.  As a Christian I was taught to believe that everyone is a God-believer at their core, but that some merely lie to themselves and/or to others about it.  Poor deluded atheists!  The Devil has blinded them to their own folly. Only a fool says in his heart that there is no God, amirite?  No wonder it always feels like my friends and family are misreading me all the time.  They’re looking at me through a lens which claims things about me that are patently false.  Seeing me the way they do requires ignoring several important things I tell them about myself…

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The Narcissism of The God of My Wants

We are taught that we should not covet material wealth, nor should we make false gods/idols out of material possessions, however, vast material wealth is seen as a reflection of vast Spiritual advancement.

The Christian Scientist’s willingness to rely on God to provide – to those leaning on the sustaining infinite today is big with blessings! – is met with remarkable demonstrations of supply. Interestingly, the supply demonstrated is often material which is, by Ms. Eddy’s own definitions is unreal, erroneous, evil and often associated with death.

Christian Scientists should be working to overcome the material (the lusts of the flesh, the need for food, sickness, disease, death, etc.), while simultaneously being comfortably surrounded by material things, and having adequate sources of income to provide comfortably for themselves and make generous donations to the Church.

If you’re confused, don’t be, it never made much sense to me either.

unpacked thoughts

Blessed_Trinity_One_God_Wallpaper_1600x1200_wallpaperhereIf I see one more person give praise to the almighty over something they received, I may blow my lid.

To see one more individual living in a nation as privileged as the United States give praise to god for a new car, house, phone, clothes or job may just push me over the edge.

I had a friend very recently tell me about how god blessed them with a new house. That Jesus himself gifted it to them. In that moment, it took some inner Herculean strength to not say some things I’d later regret.

Please allow me to try and put what my friend was saying into perspective, while god/Jesus (Gesus) is spending so much time blessing you with riches and your wants, there are people all over the world suffering horrible deaths because god can’t be bothered to give them simple things like food and water. While Gesus…

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“Top 10 signs of good spirituality”

I’m not sure what I’m looking for as I adventure away from Christian Science, but this looks like a good list of things to take into consideration.

Naturalistic Paganism

This essay was first published at The Humanist Contemplative.

Over the course of my comparative studies, there are some general traits I’ve noticed which seem to be shared between those wisdom streams and I thought it could be helpful to point them out. Here are some traits that are a sign of a good and healthy spiritual path…

10) Aim of True Happiness

Good spirituality will have as its aim the happiness of the practitioner. Of course, deep understanding of what this entails is essential. By ‘True Happiness’ we mean something more than mere pleasure associated with one’s conditions. Rather, the kind of happiness a good spirituality will pursue will be a deeper sense of contentment that transcends circumstance. It will be a source of inner strength in the face of adversity and humble appreciation in the face of fortune. Such a happiness is also not selfish in the…

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It’s All in Your Head: A Statement on Which Both Christian Scientists and I Can Agree

Another wonderful perspective on Christian Science from an outsider. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This one is worth the read!

Cracked Science

Out of curiosity, I ask the woman I have been speaking to for a minute about the “Science” in “Christian Science”. She approached me at the end of the talk because the presenter had asked everyone in the room to introduce oneself to a stranger and talk about one’s inner qualities.

I don’t remember if this particular woman got around to enumerating her inner qualities, but I do remember her talking to a fellow attendee before the talk started. She was saying she has only had good tenants in the building she owns. Of course, she immediately added, she prayed for this to happen.

The reason this particular Christian sect claims to be scientific is because it purports to have uncovered Jesus’ laws, truths so powerful and immutable, they are said to be scientific.

I am reminded of something the speaker said earlier. “The body can’t resist great ideas.” Mine…

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Games Christians Play: Three Common Examples of Confirmation Bias

While many argue that Christian Science isn’t really “Christian” the “logic” used in their Confirmation Bias follows a similar track. It uses slightly different language, but the logic is very similar.

godless in dixie

People often ask me why I left my faith.  There are no good short answers to that question, but one of the simplest ways to explain what happened is to describe the games I was taught to play to protect my beliefs and to keep them immune to falsification.  Stepping outside of my own thought processes long enough to see how these games work probably went further than anything else I did to convince me that my religion was all inside my own head.  “Know thyself,” the Greeks wisely advised.  That’s certainly where it started for me.


Confirmation bias can be a powerful thing.  When you have a strong personal need to believe something, you set out to verify your belief with a mixture of motives.  You want to know if what you believe is true, but the cost of disappointment may be so high that you become susceptible to…

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Dismissing the Dismissive

Replace “TrueBeliever™” with “properly practicing Christian Science.” Change up some of the theology so it is a little more allegorical and less literal. Add in the lines “turn to the books” and “pray harder” and this parallels what many former Christian Scientists deal with as well.

Out From Under the Umbrella

You were never a real christian

If you claimed to be a Christian, and now claim that you are not, you were never a Christian to begin with.  There is no such thing as a deconvert.

How many times have we heard these words?  How many times has it stung?  With the wave of a hand a TrueBeliever™ dismisses the very idea.  It devalues and belittles the experiences that former Christians have faced. The audacity!

When you’ve been a Christian, though, you know why these Christians dismiss you.  The first reason is because the Bible tells them so:

“They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.I…

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