The Narcissism of The God of My Wants

We are taught that we should not covet material wealth, nor should we make false gods/idols out of material possessions, however, vast material wealth is seen as a reflection of vast Spiritual advancement.

The Christian Scientist’s willingness to rely on God to provide – to those leaning on the sustaining infinite today is big with blessings! – is met with remarkable demonstrations of supply. Interestingly, the supply demonstrated is often material which is, by Ms. Eddy’s own definitions is unreal, erroneous, evil and often associated with death.

Christian Scientists should be working to overcome the material (the lusts of the flesh, the need for food, sickness, disease, death, etc.), while simultaneously being comfortably surrounded by material things, and having adequate sources of income to provide comfortably for themselves and make generous donations to the Church.

If you’re confused, don’t be, it never made much sense to me either.

unpacked thoughts

Blessed_Trinity_One_God_Wallpaper_1600x1200_wallpaperhereIf I see one more person give praise to the almighty over something they received, I may blow my lid.

To see one more individual living in a nation as privileged as the United States give praise to god for a new car, house, phone, clothes or job may just push me over the edge.

I had a friend very recently tell me about how god blessed them with a new house. That Jesus himself gifted it to them. In that moment, it took some inner Herculean strength to not say some things I’d later regret.

Please allow me to try and put what my friend was saying into perspective, while god/Jesus (Gesus) is spending so much time blessing you with riches and your wants, there are people all over the world suffering horrible deaths because god can’t be bothered to give them simple things like food and water. While Gesus…

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