Ms. Eddy’s Inspiration (Round 2)

Welcome Ms. Eddy's Inspiration Round 2 (for all posts on this topic see the MBE Inspiration tag). Answers to Ms. Eddy's Inspiration Round 1 are  now up. As with Round 1, while Ms. Eddy claims Science and Health with Key to the Scripture was divinely inspired and that her only source was the Bible, I have … Continue reading Ms. Eddy’s Inspiration (Round 2)

the dead mothers society

I recently received word that a young woman I had attended college with at Principia passed away. I don't know the circumstances of her passing and it is unlikely that I'll ever know. She was a year older than I, and while we were never close friends, her death impacted me greatly: she was a … Continue reading the dead mothers society

Good Homeschooled Girls: Hide the Real You

Reblogged from Good Homeschooled Girls are supposed to be perfect. They’re supposed to be Pollyanna, Elsie Dinsmore, and Jane Bennet.  They’re supposed to be completely innocent, unnoticed, modest, graceful, but still look beautiful and unblemished (while not thinking too hard about it). Good Homeschooled Girls are impossible. All of us are wearing masks, we’re all acting … Continue reading Good Homeschooled Girls: Hide the Real You