Ms. Eddy’s Inspiration (Round 2)

Welcome Ms. Eddy’s Inspiration Round 2 (for all posts on this topic see the MBE Inspiration tag). Answers to Ms. Eddy’s Inspiration Round 1 are  now up.

As with Round 1, while Ms. Eddy claims Science and Health with Key to the Scripture was divinely inspired and that her only source was the Bible, I have drawn from a variety of sources to compile the passages below. What work is hers? I’ll let you try and sort that out.

  • Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy (the 1875 and 1994 editions)
  • Quimby Manuscript by Horatio Dresser
  • The Leiber Document found in Mrs. Eddy Purloins from Hegel (1936) by Walter M. Haushalter

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1) science brings to light truth and its supremacy, universal harmony, God’s entirety, and matter’s nothingness.

2) Embryology affords no instance of one species producing another; of a serpent germinating a bird, or a lion a lamb.

3) What is the weapon that destroys this life or disease? Science. This is eternal, and that destroys all other life. This is to the animal life, death. So Science to the natural man is nothing that contains life. But this Science is a Principle. This is the only living and eternal life. This Science is what rose from the dead or natural life.

4) Mind is universal, the first and only cause of all that reality is.

5) To separate the truth from the error is a Science the knowledge of which teaches how to correct an error or disease, and in this knowledge is eternal life.

6) Therefore the divine Principle of Science, reversing the testimony of the physical senses, reveals man as harmoniously existent in Truth, which is the only basis of health; and thus Science denies all disease, heals the sick, overthrows false evidence, and refutes materialistic logic.

7) The difference is not as great between the opposite species as between matter and spirit, so utterly unlike in substance and intelligence. That spirit propagates matter or matter spirit, is morally impossible.

8) Wisdom is the true man and error the counterfeit.

9)  The optical focus is another proof of the illusion of material sense. On the eye’s retina, sky and tree-tops apparently join hands, clouds and ocean meet and mingle. The barometer, — that little prophet of storm and sunshine, denying the testimony of the senses, — points to fair weather in the midst of murky clouds and drenching rain.

10) What is disease? It is false reasoning. True scientific wisdom is health and happiness. False reasoning is sickness and death; and on these two modes of reasoning hang all of our happiness and misery.

Answers to Ms. Eddy’s Inspiration Round 2 (February 9, 2014)

1) Purloins from Hegel, p. 85-86 2) Science & Health 1875, p. 264 3) Quimby Manuscript, p. 392 4) Purloins from Hegel, p. 85 5) Quimby Manuscript, p. 339 6) Science & Health 1994, p. 120 7) Purloins from Hegel, p. 85-86 8) Quimby Manuscript, p. 276 9) Science & Health 1994, p. 122 10) Quimby Manuscript, p. 295

Works Cited – these sources are readily available online with a simple google search

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  1. BCD says:

    Well, I probably won’t score as high this time as with Round 1, but here goes:
    Eddy: 6
    Quimby: 1, 3, 5, 9, 10
    Hegel: 2, 4, 7, 8

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