less Fundamentalism, more Fun

Nondenominational Christian Churches terrify me. In many ways, Ms. Eddy was right to appoint the Bible and Science & Health the “only preachers” to avoid the “cult of personality” that can grow up around charismatic religious leaders.

In “organized” religions there is usually some hierarchy, board, counsel or group that helps steer the thoughts and teachings of the movement: Baptist teachings are similar at both in white and African American congregations. Catholic services vary little regardless of geographical location as well. Christian Science services are the same, everywhere (the language may be different, but the sermon is the same).

Nondenominational Christian Churches have no such restrictions which enable their pastors, ministers, and church leaders to espouse whatever crazy ideas they glean from the pages of the Good Book.

Some fairly awful things have happened to people in the name of “Christian Science,” but it is not the only “Christian” religion out there which brings suffering. Children have been whipped to death as part of “Biblical disciplinary teachings“- and while detractors are quick to say “they’re doing it wrong” why are people advocating “switching” children in infancy to begin with – and it isn’t limited to children…*

For a time after I left Christian Science I considered myself to be “generically Christian” – I celebrated all the important “Christian” holidays: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, the 4th of July (oh right, our founding father’s weren’t Christian), Halloween… Then I started reading the Bible, and thinking about it. No amount of praying and reading made things better, it only pushed me farther away from the “Christian” label. I want from wanting to reform CS to wanting to get as far away from it all as possible.

I’m still trying to figure out what I believe, but I know I don’t feel the same way as many of the other groups who identify as “Christian,” non-denominational or otherwise. I think it is time for us to go beyond Christianity, beyond Christian Science, and abandon the dogmas and language associated with it.

Some people are going to try and argue that Christian Science should be an exception because it is “based on the inspired word” of the Bible. Inspired or not, the Bible has been used to justify some pretty horrible stuff over the years, and while it is a great piece of literature and loosely based on some historical facts, it should NOT be used as the foundation of our society.

I am not calling for a “godless” or “immoral” society, instead I am calling on one that fosters RESPECT for our fellow man (NOT the homophobic, misogynistic, anti-intellectual, authoritarian rantings of the Abrahamic God and his followers). Perhaps a little kindness towards others. A little less fundamentalism and a little more fun, love and charity.

*I’m intentionally linking to news and 3d party sites for this information, I can not bring myself to send these individuals and organizations any further traffic.


Daylight Saving Time Ends (in the US)

Dear Readers

Please remember that on Sunday (Nov. 5, 2012 in the US) our clocks get set back an hour, that means 2 am becomes 1 am (it is like a sick version of time travel).

Please join me in contacting your congress person, state representatives, county and city officials in order to STOP F****ING WITH TIME CHANGES. This is 2012, we no longer need them.

The benefits of arbitrary time changes are disputed, and it makes everyone stressed and miserable. It is not consistently enacted around the world making scheduling international travel and communication tricky.

Twice a year people have to remember to change their clocks – and remember which direction to move them (not rocket science, but still not fun). Day light saving time messes up the established sleep routines of young children and their families, and accomplishes nothing. We should find a system of time that works and stick to it.

That said, I hope you enjoy your “extra” hour on Sunday morning when 2 am becomes 1 am and you get to relive 1-2am all over again. Take that time to contact the people who claim to represent you and get them to abolish daylight saving time once and for all!

Thank you,

Kat @ Kindism

Coffee & Donuts with Gravity

Very occasionally I miss the ritual of getting up on a Sunday morning and going to church. I used to occasionally sneak off to the local Christian Science church, leave the baby in child care and sit for an hour enjoying the $1 donation worth of kid-free time. Even before I began to seriously question my faith, the sermonizing accompanied by the well-meaning questioning got to be a bit much for me so I stopped going.

I think I’d like to start a grass-roots movement, not directly, that would take effort, but perhaps I can inspire someone else to do so. I think it would be great if people without any formal religious attachment gathered on Sunday mornings, I think it could be called Coffee & Donuts with Gravity, the Most Powerful Force is the Earth, and communed with nature, talked about science, shared ideas, insights, and generally gathered together for a sense of community that can often be lacking if one is not part of a church congregation or social club.

Coffee and donuts, while not a requirement, usually make such early morning gatherings easier, or perhaps you could meet up for brunch at a local cafe (waffles and bacon are also a good thing), at a coffee shop, or park. The coffee and donuts are more figurative than literal, sort of like the wine and wafers that the Catholics offer, only without gore of the blood and body.

Without the Earth there would be no gravity to hold us in place, and gravity is one of those laws you simply can’t break. The Earth is vital to our survival in this universe, and gravity is vital to keeping us in place. I think celebrating these simple truths would be much more pleasant than dissecting dogmas and being lectured on damnation.

This being Sunday, I think I’ll take the boys to the park and we can have donuts and experience gravity together.